Does the Cookie get Cut?

By now a good chunk of people have seen the video uploaded on YouTube, courtesy of, of AHS CEO avoiding talking to reporters because he was “eating a cookie.” Now it seems, his job might be on the chopping block. At the time I write this, the aforementioned video has now received 137,811 views and been commented on 987 times.

Dr. Duckett did apologize the next day, via his blog, but has he faced media personally and apologized personally? As far as I know from watching the news on this issue, I do not think he has. One, when someone comes up to you and asks you something, isn’t it just polite to respond; even if he were to say no comment, at least he would have responded to the questions that were asked of him.

While I do try to look at situations, and people, fairly and objectively, I do find myself siding with the reporters that were present that day. Having acted in an unprofessional manner might cost his job now. As I said, I am siding with the reporters that were there, I also can’t help but think that everyone needs a job; some way of putting a roof over their head, and food in their bellies and clothing on their backs. Does this make me soft? Perhaps it does but more or less I’d like to think it means I’m trying to think of people as human, regardless of their role in society.

Will Stephen Duckett find himself out of work today; it’s anyone’s guess at this point. Those interested, will have to keep their eyes and ears peeled to the news tonight to find out. What do you think though? Should the CEO of Alberta Health Services go? Should the cookie crumble?
Note: The video in question can be found at


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