End of Movember, So Long Mo?

It’s the end of Movember for yet another year; lots of fun was had as people participated in parties and other Movember related soirees. Money was raised for a good cause. Yet I can’t help but feel a bit sad now.

I happen to like Mo’s and other forms of facial hair on a man. So with the end of Movember coming, it will be sad for me to face the inevitable. I must bid adieu to all the great Mo’s that have been grown to support prostate cancer. Though if I’m this reflective on the issue, I can’t help wonder what the women who know these men, are thinking. Maybe they don’t want to see the Mo’s go either?

At any rate; money was raised for a good cause. Too many are still being diagnosed, and dying from, prostate cancer. This month went by fast it seems. So as we say goodbye to Movember 2010, I say farewell to all the great Mo’s. I look forward to you seeing you come back next year.


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