2010 Favourites

So if for no other reason than to look back on this post years later and remember, I thought to write a blog post on my Favourites of 2010. Favourite foods, music (bands, genres, etc), and so on. Also news stories that caught my attention, although I wouldn’t classify them as “favourites” since some were kind of depressing. So without further explanation here’s my list, or lists, of 2010.




Fish (particularly halibut)


Alcoholic Drinks

Wildberry vodka coolers

Wine coolers

Shirley Temple with vodka

Non-alcoholic drinks

Rootbeer (preferably Mug or A&W)

Chocolate milk

Hot chocolate

Music Groups/Bands

The Killers

Celtic Woman




Music Genres

World (spiritual)



Classic German pop


Ride the Wind

Nothing but a Good Time

Me Against the World

Nil S’en La

Suil a Ruin

Gayatri Mantra


Samantha: Holiday Girl

Felicity: Holiday Girl

Girl on the Front line

Saving Sarah Cain

TV shows

Say Yes to the Dress

Swift Justice

World’s Strictest Parents

CTV Edmonton news

Global Edmonton news

Breakfast Television news

CTV news channel

Local News Stories

Maddox Flynn

Joannie Rochette skating despite personal loss

Brian McKeever set to be the first person with a disability to compete in Winter Olympics and then ousted last minute.

Train vs. Pickup

(These stories all touched a chord with me,  since I  1. Have memories of being bullied growing up because of my speech, limp,etc and wanted to help change things for Maddox Flynn. So I donated to his trust fund to help him get the surgeries he needed, like so many others throughout Canada, the US and the UK. 2 Joannie Rochette, I’ve realized, is only a year younger and I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my mom.  3. We might never have met or might never meet at all but Brian McKeever is a distant relative so from that angle this really excited then angered me. Also I look up to him as an inspiration regardless of relation, because he’s doing what he loves no matter what. 4. I knew the family that died, through someone else).


2010 For Me

Reflecting on the past year I am left wondering, what stands out to me from 2010?  It’s the lessons I’ve learned both personal and attuned to my professional aspirations. I began the year wide eyed and naive. Okay so maybe I’m still wide eyed and naïve. January found me going to Edmonton city hall for my first time. That same day I was also the Edmonton Journal, for the first time. In going to both locales I met Scott McKeen and Gordon Kent. These are two great gentlemen who were welcoming, courteous and knowledgeable in their jobs. Heck, they were both just plain smart. I count my lucky stars to have met them and learned from them.

Along the lines of my job shadow with Mr. McKeen, I met other equally welcoming, smart and experienced journalists from around the city as well. Meeting them all has been informative for me, not only in regards to the advice and lessons they’ve taught me, but in furthering my desire to become a journalist. I have, for the first time in my living memory, something to really strive for.

From trials and tribulations the past twelve months, I have realized a resolve and determination within myself, I did not know I possessed. I’ve lost a friend this year to Cancer and it hurts. How do I try to cope? I decided to endeavour to raise money for Movember and I also plan to involve myself in the Hair Massacure in early 2011. In doing this, I hope to honour his memory in some way, however modest.

So in essence I’ve learned a lot in 2010. Not just about the career I aspire to, but personally and philosophically. I have realized how fragile and fleeting life can be. Yet, as I prepare to ring in the New Year I am certain I will be able to see through to the end, no matter what comes my way. Happy New Year everyone!

AHS New Policy Aimed at Ambulances and EMS

It’s been almost a week. I am still annoyed, and a little angry and even fearful. Alright so maybe my being scared of this is pushing dramatics a bit, but come on this was reported on on Christmas Eve. What an unpleasant Christmas present from AHS!

According to the Edmonton Journal there was a memo leaked at AHS. This memo encouraged all ambulances in Edmonton to follow speed limits and to stop at red lights. This is regardless if the ambulance’s lights and sirens were activated. Well I can certainly understand the importance of being safe on the road. Even as a lifelong passenger, I’ve witnessed some really dangerous driving by other drivers on Edmonton streets. Another thing though, I hate singling people and communities out. Why is the AHS doing just that? This same memo allegedly has only been aimed at Edmonton EMS and Ambulance services. Okay then, why is this? Yes, I know Calgary ambulances are already required to stop at red lights, and the drivers of these vehicles are allowed to use their better judgement on whether or not to speed. Yet this whole situation makes me ill. Why is that? Well point blank I’ve had my own experiences being in ambulances as a patient. Especially the time I was 7 years old and nearly drown.

What would have happened if ambulances couldn’t speed back then either? I’d most likely not be here. I very firmly believe that. A good many friends of mine have various medical issues that crop up from time to time. What could possibly happen to them, if ambulances are forced to take their time on the roads? Thinking on that concerns me.

Although it must be noted AHS has stated the wording of the memo “was incorrect.”  Clarification of the memo was indicated to state ambulance drivers may speed if time was of the essence. Time will be the deciding factor, I guess, on how this plays out. For me, well I just hope I don’t need an ambulance ride anytime soon. (Though, does anyone ever want to have to be in one?).

(Story read in the Edmonton Journal. Articles written by Elise Stolte and Conal Pierse).

Journalism Lesson on TV?

Alright so I was watching an old TV show today. In the episode of Murphy Brown, a young journalism student had hacked into the computer of FYI, the local news station. He found a memo that Murphy had written about her colleagues, that painted them in a not to nice light.So what did the young student do? He went to Murphy Brown and announced he planned to print the memo in his college’s newspaper.

Now if that plot line doesn’t grab you, I found it interesting that the character Murphy was most concerned about other networks picking up on the memo, and having a field day with it. My thought is, why would they pick up on the story too?

Wouldn’t it be a total defamation of character to report on something such as a memo, where someone might be criticising her coworkers? Wouldn’t the big risk here, be the young reporter being sued, and Murphy Brown’s reputation and career being in ruins.

Or if not ruins, definitely her credibility might be put into question for having written such a note in the first place?

Merry Christmas Post

Well it’s 12:33 am as I write this. Merry Christmas everyone! In just a number of hours families all over the world, will be waking up to Christmas 2010. The year is almost over and it’s been quite a year.  Snow and other weather conditions made for extra headaches for travellers this Christmas. The Heathrow airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, had to shut down at one point. Now I’ve heard that people in the end did make it home for the holidays, but it was definitely cutting it close to the wire. I think it’s a safe bet that some did not fare as well either, and are not able to be with family for the holiday.

In other news,  Skype was down for at least a couple of hours, days before Christmas. In trying to discover what had caused the connection issues, some people on the internet believe that so many were trying to connect to loved ones via the call to call service, that Skype was unable to keep up with the high demand. Considering the time of year it is, it stands in good reason that could very well be true. Such reasoning for Skype’s downtime could not be verified however.

Through all the hurdles however, it is the wee hours of Christmas morning. Children will rush to their parent’s rooms, excited to start their day and see what Santa has brought them. Christmas dinners of turkey, mashed potatoes, turnips and an assortment of other goodies will be soon in the making. Friends and family will come together to enjoy the day’s festivities. Men watching football, women in the kitchen is the typical scene thought to play out today. However, with the changing times comes changing ways. Yes I will still help my mother in the kitchen today. I’m sure my brother will be right in the thick of things, helping to prepare our own family’s Christmas feast.

In saying that, I must now get to bed. A person can’t cook while being tuckered out after all. Merry Christmas everyone; enjoy your day.

Job Search Renewal

I’ve searched for jobs in the past, to no avail. There came a point where I thought I was destined to volunteer for the rest of my life. Now volunteering isn’t a bad thing, it provides a great service to others, their surrounding communities, and even animals. As of last night however, I’ve officially sent a resume off in hopes of finding a job. It might turn up nothing, or it could turn out to be the chance to prove I’ve got skills worthy of the workforce. Either way I remain hopeful. Without hope and optimism after all, does a person really stand a chance of landing that dream job, or even that first job? Somehow I don’t think so.

So, wish me luck. I’m already trying to think where else I could potentially apply.  Maybe the library or somewhere I could do some receptionist type work. Nothing is for certain when it comes to find employment or even maintaining the job, when you get it. For me it’s better I try and see what happens, then never try and always wonder. What if?

Things you Learn from Watching TV

Ever wonder if television could possibly teach you something? What about teaching you something about yourself? I’d say yes to both those questions. Watching “Say Yes to the Dress” this morning made me realize something about myself. If I were getting married, I’d be a bridezilla. From the flowers, the locations of both the ceremony and reception, right down to the dress; if it were my day, it would be my way or no way. Okay so now those who read this might be drawing conclusions about my character. “Oh my Lord, she must be high maintenance!” might be one such statement that crosses your mind. I don’t think I’m overly high maintenance however, or hard to please. In fact it doesn’t take much to keep me content at all. Some good tunes, maybe a little news, a good book and I’m a happy, happy girl.

Though on the subject of weddings and other special occasions that, hopefully, would only come once in a person’s life (namely mine), I doubt I could help but be a tad choosy. Since I was a little girl I’ve pictured my perfect wedding in my mind. I’d have my mother’s gown, with a new veil; daisies for a bouquet and the decorations for the ceremony would be baby blue and white. I’d move heaven and earth to find heels that fit. Yep, I would definitely be a bridezilla.

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