Disabled Person’s Perspective on Robert Latimer

Note: Being a handicapped individual myself, and being that I’ve had people tell me I should not live due to everything I have to deal with because of my handicap (which actually is not much at all), I do have bias in this matter.

I’ve been asked lately how I, as a person with a disability, feel about Robert Latimer being a free man. Well as someone who has a disability, but who tries to look at things fairly and from different sides, I am on the fence in this issue. On the one hand, Robert Latimer killed his young daughter stating it was a “mercy killing” due to her always being in pain. Yet on the perspective of a daughter, there was a trust broken here.

Tracy Latimer had cerebral palsy. She was in constant pain, and had to endure surgeries to correct various ailments such as scoliosis. The young girl allegedly had bed sores, and required a feeding tube. Putting this into consideration, and the typical love of a father, who’s to say Robert Latimer didn’t take her life out of wanting to ease her pain. Then again, I am a daughter so I can see things from that perspective.

I can state, from my experience, all a child wants is to be loved by their parents. There is a trust there, between a child and their parents. Robert Latimer violated that trust in a serious way. Parents are meant to protect their children from harm, and while his intentions might have been good, Latimer did murder his own child. Regardless of ability or disability, that is an act some see as so loathsome, as to never be forgiven.

So how do I feel about Latimer being released on full parole? I honestly don’t know. Even with my being someone with a disability, it’s impossible to truly put myself in the shoes of those involved in this case. I don’t know the Latimer’s; all I’ve ever seen of young Tracy are photos posted online, in magazines and in newspapers. There’s also the short video of the young girl, that local TV news has shown on at least one occasion.

It’s impossible also, to really known and understand what is going on in someone’s heart and mind. All I can really say is, what has happened seems, to me, exceedingly tragic. Yet, what’s happened has happened and I am a firm believer in events playing out the way they do, for a reason. Was Tracy in constant pain? It has been stated, that she was. Did her father act out of love for his child? That’s also what has been reported. It would seem, that’s all the public has to really go on.


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