News is Not Dying!

This is a familiar lament of Misty Montano, assignment editor of CBS4 Denver. I tend to fully agree with her. In my eyes, “news” will never die. It simply is not possible, and will never be possible. Now, how did I come to my conclusion? Well allow me to explain.

“News” by its very definition is the general goings on in the world that are thought to be of importance in some way or another. They can be heart-warming experiences like a young child fighting cancer who gets a lifelong dream fulfilled; it could be an inspirational moment of a good samaritan rushing into a burning home to retrieve someone’s pet, or it could be something wild and bizarre like the recent daredevil incident broadcast for the world to see in Germany.

There are events that happen every day, throughout the day, that are bizarre, inspirational, disheartening, and heartening. So in taking that into consideration “news” will never die. It’s one of those constants in life, just as it is to see the sun rise in the morning and set in the evening. We can never stop news from happening, it just does.

What people are scared of losing is how the news of the day goes about being reported. That is to say, some fear that soon there will be no more newspapers to read about what’s going on in the world around us, or local news for society to learn what the weather has in store for them that day. I may not know or understand the full extent of what’s happening to these media platforms currently, or what could happen in the future, but I believe in the old phrase ” where there is a will, there’s a way.”

To me news will never die, and journalism will never die. The news that gets reported might change, and the way in which news is reported may change. Though, I personally don’t see anything wrong with this. After all, change is as much a part of life, as news is. We can’t stop change, but we can learn to change with the times and learn to embrace the changes taking place.

So is news dying? Nope, it never will. It’s just changing, just like we do throughout our lives.

Note: Thank you to Misty Montano for her permission, in quoting her for the purpose of this blog post.


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