Sharing the Good Tunes

I’ve been introduced to yet another new/old music group. (Older group, but the music is new to me). It occurs to me how much I love discovering new music. Last year I discovered the old 80s band Poison due to someone commenting on Twitter, about listening to a song by the group. This past year, also thanks to Twitter I’ve discovered a song by Milli Vanilli. Whereas I am a fan of Poison now, I did not care too much for the song by Milli Vanilli that I heard.

To be fair when I hear of a music group or band I’ve never heard before, I do try to listen to at least three songs to really get a feel for their music. Milli Vanilli just doesn’t do it for me. What does however is Little River Band, a music group I’ve read about recently.  Funny thing about that group though is, as I was listening on YouTube to their song “Lonesome Loser” I couldn’t help but laugh. I didn’t recognize the name of the band at all, but I recognized this song. I’ve heard it on the radio before.

Beyond discovering new music from various sources, I can honestly say I’ve helped others discover music new to them too. Music groups like Irish Rovers, Celtic Woman, The Killers, etc are all bands I am a fan of. As such, I do try to share my love for their music with others.

So I’m always on the prowl for music I’ve never heard of before. What do you think? Have you heard any good music lately I should give a listen to?


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