Mail’s in!

I went to the post office last night. There had been a notice in our mail that a parcel was awaiting pick up from me. Filled with curiosity, and looking forward to the baking planned after our return home, my mother and I got in the car and off we went. Now I don’t often go to the post office for any reason. Christmastime is not exception to this. The scene when I opened the door to the post office was like nothing I had ever seen nor experienced before. People were lined up, right to the door! We were packed in line like a Hodge-podge of sardines! A lovely mesh of cultures, religions and beliefs all represented, in a single line up. The ladies working at the counter commented this was the busiest they had ever seen the post office, at this time of year. Likewise ladies, I most certainly agree!

Now there’s something I found rather amusing to this sight however. It took me all of a minute to notice that, being helped at the counter was none other than an uncle of mine. It’s a small world after all! Though I do have to concede my town is no metropolis, I find it cool that, once again, I’m reminded just how small the world really is. Even with a blackberry to always have me plugged in and connected, I think it’s cool when I see relatives, friends or neighbours while I’m out and about.

To make a long story short though, he didn’t seem to notice me standing in line when he turned to leave. Pretty non-consequential sighting, but furthers my love for small town living nonetheless.

(Oh and if you’re wondering about the parcel I had gone to get, there was no parcel.  A second notice for the parcel I got last week had accidentally been placed in our mailbox).


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