Things you Learn from Watching TV

Ever wonder if television could possibly teach you something? What about teaching you something about yourself? I’d say yes to both those questions. Watching “Say Yes to the Dress” this morning made me realize something about myself. If I were getting married, I’d be a bridezilla. From the flowers, the locations of both the ceremony and reception, right down to the dress; if it were my day, it would be my way or no way. Okay so now those who read this might be drawing conclusions about my character. “Oh my Lord, she must be high maintenance!” might be one such statement that crosses your mind. I don’t think I’m overly high maintenance however, or hard to please. In fact it doesn’t take much to keep me content at all. Some good tunes, maybe a little news, a good book and I’m a happy, happy girl.

Though on the subject of weddings and other special occasions that, hopefully, would only come once in a person’s life (namely mine), I doubt I could help but be a tad choosy. Since I was a little girl I’ve pictured my perfect wedding in my mind. I’d have my mother’s gown, with a new veil; daisies for a bouquet and the decorations for the ceremony would be baby blue and white. I’d move heaven and earth to find heels that fit. Yep, I would definitely be a bridezilla.


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