Job Search Renewal

I’ve searched for jobs in the past, to no avail. There came a point where I thought I was destined to volunteer for the rest of my life. Now volunteering isn’t a bad thing, it provides a great service to others, their surrounding communities, and even animals. As of last night however, I’ve officially sent a resume off in hopes of finding a job. It might turn up nothing, or it could turn out to be the chance to prove I’ve got skills worthy of the workforce. Either way I remain hopeful. Without hope and optimism after all, does a person really stand a chance of landing that dream job, or even that first job? Somehow I don’t think so.

So, wish me luck. I’m already trying to think where else I could potentially apply.  Maybe the library or somewhere I could do some receptionist type work. Nothing is for certain when it comes to find employment or even maintaining the job, when you get it. For me it’s better I try and see what happens, then never try and always wonder. What if?


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