Merry Christmas Post

Well it’s 12:33 am as I write this. Merry Christmas everyone! In just a number of hours families all over the world, will be waking up to Christmas 2010. The year is almost over and it’s been quite a year.  Snow and other weather conditions made for extra headaches for travellers this Christmas. The Heathrow airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, had to shut down at one point. Now I’ve heard that people in the end did make it home for the holidays, but it was definitely cutting it close to the wire. I think it’s a safe bet that some did not fare as well either, and are not able to be with family for the holiday.

In other news,  Skype was down for at least a couple of hours, days before Christmas. In trying to discover what had caused the connection issues, some people on the internet believe that so many were trying to connect to loved ones via the call to call service, that Skype was unable to keep up with the high demand. Considering the time of year it is, it stands in good reason that could very well be true. Such reasoning for Skype’s downtime could not be verified however.

Through all the hurdles however, it is the wee hours of Christmas morning. Children will rush to their parent’s rooms, excited to start their day and see what Santa has brought them. Christmas dinners of turkey, mashed potatoes, turnips and an assortment of other goodies will be soon in the making. Friends and family will come together to enjoy the day’s festivities. Men watching football, women in the kitchen is the typical scene thought to play out today. However, with the changing times comes changing ways. Yes I will still help my mother in the kitchen today. I’m sure my brother will be right in the thick of things, helping to prepare our own family’s Christmas feast.

In saying that, I must now get to bed. A person can’t cook while being tuckered out after all. Merry Christmas everyone; enjoy your day.


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