Journalism Lesson on TV?

Alright so I was watching an old TV show today. In the episode of Murphy Brown, a young journalism student had hacked into the computer of FYI, the local news station. He found a memo that Murphy had written about her colleagues, that painted them in a not to nice light.So what did the young student do? He went to Murphy Brown and announced he planned to print the memo in his college’s newspaper.

Now if that plot line doesn’t grab you, I found it interesting that the character Murphy was most concerned about other networks picking up on the memo, and having a field day with it. My thought is, why would they pick up on the story too?

Wouldn’t it be a total defamation of character to report on something such as a memo, where someone might be criticising her coworkers? Wouldn’t the big risk here, be the young reporter being sued, and Murphy Brown’s reputation and career being in ruins.

Or if not ruins, definitely her credibility might be put into question for having written such a note in the first place?


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