2010 For Me

Reflecting on the past year I am left wondering, what stands out to me from 2010?  It’s the lessons I’ve learned both personal and attuned to my professional aspirations. I began the year wide eyed and naive. Okay so maybe I’m still wide eyed and naïve. January found me going to Edmonton city hall for my first time. That same day I was also the Edmonton Journal, for the first time. In going to both locales I met Scott McKeen and Gordon Kent. These are two great gentlemen who were welcoming, courteous and knowledgeable in their jobs. Heck, they were both just plain smart. I count my lucky stars to have met them and learned from them.

Along the lines of my job shadow with Mr. McKeen, I met other equally welcoming, smart and experienced journalists from around the city as well. Meeting them all has been informative for me, not only in regards to the advice and lessons they’ve taught me, but in furthering my desire to become a journalist. I have, for the first time in my living memory, something to really strive for.

From trials and tribulations the past twelve months, I have realized a resolve and determination within myself, I did not know I possessed. I’ve lost a friend this year to Cancer and it hurts. How do I try to cope? I decided to endeavour to raise money for Movember and I also plan to involve myself in the Hair Massacure in early 2011. In doing this, I hope to honour his memory in some way, however modest.

So in essence I’ve learned a lot in 2010. Not just about the career I aspire to, but personally and philosophically. I have realized how fragile and fleeting life can be. Yet, as I prepare to ring in the New Year I am certain I will be able to see through to the end, no matter what comes my way. Happy New Year everyone!


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