2010 Favourites

So if for no other reason than to look back on this post years later and remember, I thought to write a blog post on my Favourites of 2010. Favourite foods, music (bands, genres, etc), and so on. Also news stories that caught my attention, although I wouldn’t classify them as “favourites” since some were kind of depressing. So without further explanation here’s my list, or lists, of 2010.




Fish (particularly halibut)


Alcoholic Drinks

Wildberry vodka coolers

Wine coolers

Shirley Temple with vodka

Non-alcoholic drinks

Rootbeer (preferably Mug or A&W)

Chocolate milk

Hot chocolate

Music Groups/Bands

The Killers

Celtic Woman




Music Genres

World (spiritual)



Classic German pop


Ride the Wind

Nothing but a Good Time

Me Against the World

Nil S’en La

Suil a Ruin

Gayatri Mantra


Samantha: Holiday Girl

Felicity: Holiday Girl

Girl on the Front line

Saving Sarah Cain

TV shows

Say Yes to the Dress

Swift Justice

World’s Strictest Parents

CTV Edmonton news

Global Edmonton news

Breakfast Television news

CTV news channel

Local News Stories

Maddox Flynn

Joannie Rochette skating despite personal loss

Brian McKeever set to be the first person with a disability to compete in Winter Olympics and then ousted last minute.

Train vs. Pickup

(These stories all touched a chord with me,  since I  1. Have memories of being bullied growing up because of my speech, limp,etc and wanted to help change things for Maddox Flynn. So I donated to his trust fund to help him get the surgeries he needed, like so many others throughout Canada, the US and the UK. 2 Joannie Rochette, I’ve realized, is only a year younger and I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my mom.  3. We might never have met or might never meet at all but Brian McKeever is a distant relative so from that angle this really excited then angered me. Also I look up to him as an inspiration regardless of relation, because he’s doing what he loves no matter what. 4. I knew the family that died, through someone else).


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