First of January

It’s officially a new year. As I waited for midnight to roll in last night, I wrote a Facebook note. I’d like to share it here also. I read it to whom it was referring to and he seemed to have enjoyed it. I’m glad he liked it.

Countdown Jitters

The air was cold yet still, anticipation and excitement filled the room. “One more hour to the close of 2010!” the young woman cried. Sad to see 2010 end but hopeful the new year would bring a whole host of new up’s and down’s to challenge her. For the first time in a long time she had someone special in mind. A long distance friend who had won her heart long ago. Surely the time might pass by faster! Somehow she needed to ease her nerves, cushion the seemingly unbearable delight.

Only fifty minutes now! What is she to do? YouTube is a help but even that soon wavers. Itunes is good, for a short while it seemed. Somehow the girl knew she had to pass the time. Yet how? She wasn’t certain. The new movie that was purchased had been watched earlier that night. What’s a girl to do! “I know, I’ll write for a while. My thoughts and ideas.”  Surely that will keep her occupied, if only for a few minute’s time.

“Oh my it’s almost time!” Time to bid farewell to the year going by; welcoming the new year filled with hope and promise. Promise of endless possibilities and fondest memories. Egads, still a half hour left to go? Alright back to YouTube she will go. Possibly there’s something fun and interesting that she’s never seen before. There are so many countless videos there to watch and enjoy.

This note already getting fairly long, the young woman bids everyone a safe, fun-filled night. What will 2011 bring, when it does finally arrive? Who’s to know, but it will be with great anticipation she waits to find out. Happy New Year’s everyone, although it is still forty minutes off.


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