Michael Jackson, Same End as The King of Rock?

The preliminary hearing for allegations Michael Jackson’s physician Conrad Murray gave the prince of pop an overdose of the drug propofol has been underway for at least two days now. According to the January 3rd episode of Anderson Cooper 360 there are rumours Jackson had an addiction to drugs, specifically prescription medications meant to help a person get some sleep. My two cents?

I can’t help but think this sounds rather familiar. At the time of Elvis Presley’s death, weren’t there rumours he too was addicted to prescription medication. Though, in the case of Presley it was painkillers, rather than sleep aids. Funny, don’t you think? Two men, two legendary performers in their own rights, both having ostensibly succumbed to their own dependencies?

Whether Michael Jackson’s doctor gave him the legal dosage of propofol I will not speculate on. In my opinion, doing so would prove disrespectful to the memory of a great entertainer and a fellow human being. Yes he certainly was a controversial person in his time but in the end, was he not still human? So it is my view that love him or hate him, his memory deserves to be respected. I digress however.

In regards to the King of Rock, it would appear no definitive answer was ever found to state whether his reported heart attack had been caused by the painkillers he had become addicted to. In Michael Jackson’s case, it stands to reason it was the lethal dose of a drug (propofol) that ended his life. It is interesting to me, both performers died and the cause of both deaths could possibly be linked to prescription medication. Makes a person think; illegal substances such as cocaine and ecstasy aren’t the only drugs that can be harmful or potentially end lives.


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