Crazy Week

What a week it has been! I worked on my cover letter and resume, and sent it off to a few businesses. Monday night I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Marcia MacMillan. Being that it was my first interview conducted over the phone, I was really nervous.  I did end up being a tad slow going on the typing, but not too bad. Thankfully, and to her credit, Ms. MacMillan proved very patient. Thank you Ms. MacMillan for the patience!

So first phone interview done, resume and cover letter sent out and then what? Thursday afternoon I received a phone call informing me the interview I had been trying to get for weeks, would be the next day. So Friday comes and I should be excited right? Well I do enjoy trying out my skills at interviewing and writing, but that morning I woke up with a major sore throat, pounding headache and feeling disoriented. After some tea, and soup and a Halls lozenge however, I made it through the interview.

Actually funny story, Friday turned out to be the day I drove over to a business that had a job posting so I could give them my resume and a cover letter. That was at 3:30 so it was a rush to get home. Just as I was taking my coat off, my cell phone rang. I had to hurriedly get my laptop on and away I went.

Well now it’s time to beat this cold in a hurry. I want to be absolutely healthy for the end of the month when I hope to go check out the CTV Rink of Dreams for the annual shoot out.


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