100 Percent Objective Always, is it Even Possible?

Someone once told me “it’s not possible to be completely objective all the time.” I have been thinking about that statement ever since.  Is it possible to be objective at all times? Some journalists I have asked about objectivity principles, say it’s more important to be fair and mindful of the multiple angles of the stories they report on. Journalism aside, it can be tough at times to be fair. I try to be fair and diplomatic as much as possible. Yet undoubtedly we all are individuals, we all have individual likes and dislikes, beliefs, hopes and dreams and the list goes on.


I think it really depends on the topic(s) of discussion. Politics has forever been a touchy and personal issue for people. Religion, education and sports are some more examples of subjects where people can be quite vocal and yes, even opinionated. Given those subjects, I might be prone to side with the above quotation. In some cases, especially in jobs fields where diplomacy is paramount, it’s exceedingly important to keep objectivity. However, there are instances where even objectivity will falter. After all, have you ever gone to a sporting event and opinions and emotions didn’t lead the way?


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