Perils of Working for a Story

So my last interview, which I had to do via phone, I have mentioned I was sick for. Yet I persevered and got it done. Today, a new peril. Mere seconds before I had to initiate a call for an interview via phone, my laptop deems it necessary to go die on me. Well it didn’t persay… after the interview I did some investigating and decided everything did actually work, except for one key component. My external mouse was dead! I can now only move the cursor around the screen and utilize the scroll wheel. Pretty good right? So what could be “dead” about my computer mouse? I can not for the life of me left click on anything. Not a thing!

Well while I am still livid about the whole issue transpiring seconds before an interview, I am still puzzled as to the problem. Why would a computer mouse do everything perfectly well except allow me to left click on anything? This essentially means no opening any programs such as Microsoft Word or the internet. Note: My interview questions had been saved in Microsoft Word. So yes I am a mix of being ticked off and being frustrated, not to mention seriously annoyed. I did however learn something from this experience.

From now on, I am going to write down all my interview questions on paper, the old fashioned way. I love technology but if today taught me anything; I will not rely on it completely.  A writing piece on my own time is all well and good, but what if this had happened and I were in Grant MacEwan? It very well could have been an assignment then. To be blunt I would have been screwed!

So in essence, there is the great age of technology surrounding us but something must be said for the “old” way of doing things. Sometimes a pen and paper is just plain safer.


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