Valentine’s, Radio and Shopping

Well let me tell you the poem I read on my valentine put tears in my eyes. It was absolutely beautiful and I feel so blessed to know such an incredible person. He said he liked the valentine to him too. It was a fantastic Valentine’s Day for sure.

Friday I was allowed the opportunity to see a radio station for the first time. Rob and Audie are very nice gentlemen. I am fortunate to have met them. As well, Kari Skelton was great to learn from and a great person all her own, as was the man in charge of the sound board, Shawn.

I was surprised afterward with an opportunity to meet a gentleman I have chatted with on Twitter for a while now. We had a great conversation and I feel fortunate to have met him face to face.

Then I set off for Delux Burger to try the Nicola burger (Note: 1 dollar from each Nicola burger goes towards cervical cancer research and is being sold all this month). Well let me just say it was simply delicious. Also to add to the deliciousness of the burger, was the friendly and professional service I encountered at Delux burger.

To finish my time at West Edmonton Mall, I went into Suzy Shier (first time there, yay!) and bought a new blouse and a dress. Both fit and I love ’em. 🙂 It’s been a busy week. Now with it being Sunday, I look forward to what this coming week will bring.


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