Something old Rediscovered

Friday, I discovered Pop Shoppe brand Root beer and Cola. Saturday I watched episodes of the iconic TV series “Facts of Life.” It would seem that what was new to so many “way back when” is new to me. Do I have any complaints? No, not really. Though, I can’t say as I overly care for the two flavours of Pop Shoppe pop mentioned above.

It’s interesting; experiencing things that are from years gone by. To my mind its fun getting to try things my mother enjoyed as a young adult. It’s about sharing experiences, learning what was popular then and paying tribute to years gone by.  Even, if it’s just a bottle of pop. For example, Pop Shoppe pop is in glass bottles. Nowadays if a person were to go buy a bottle of pop, it would be in a plastic bottle that might end up in a landfill. Not to say glass bottles wouldn’t find their way into a junkyard either possibly, but it is a point of observation I make about the differences between pop sold in the 60s and 70s and pop sold now.

Also it’s interesting to ponder what my mother thought of Pop Shoppe pop. Did she have a favourite flavour as a young adult? Which was it? Was there a flavour she just couldn’t stomach? For me, I admit freely I am not a fan of the Root beer flavour. Nor am I sold on the Cola flavour. I do however really like the Cream Soda and Orange flavours.

Maybe this won’t be a total bonding experience but I’d like to think it gives me new found knowledge of my mother and her generation. Hey maybe the “generation gap” idea is all wrong. Maybe parents weren’t necessarily all that different from us, when they were young adults themselves.


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