Spreading my Wings

Well it’s official. I’ve been accepted to Grant MacEwan’s Bachelor of Communication Studies program. Now if I can figure out the finances, I’ll be set. It’s a pretty exciting opportunity, getting to University but I’m ready.

Another opportunity has presented itself of late. My name has been put forth for a Mentorship program as part of my journalism aspirations. I’m looking forward to it, although nervous as well. Eager to learn and who knows, maybe impress someday? However that sounds like I’m getting cocky so I will stop that train of thought.

So with the chance to be in a Mentorship program a question has been asked of me. What do I wish to get out of this program? What knowledge, skills or experience do I wish to gain? Well that got me to thinking. If I really think of it those questions could overlap into my going for my Bachelor of Communication Studies with journalism as my major. Sou what is it I wish to learn the most?

These are great questions. I guess a good place to start is being able to recognize a story when I see or hear one. I’d like to become an effective writer. One who achieves my end goal of getting conversations going about topics I’d report on or are of interest to me. For instance, my long term goal that I’d be hopefully leading up to, in a journalist career, is being a Troubleshooter.

Although unlike my role model Julie Matthews, who seems to focus more on Consumer issues such as scams and the like. As someone with a handicap, intolerance and discrimination have been no stranger to me. These are the types of stories I’d ideally like to end up reporting on. While I know I’d have to work towards that, covering a myriad of other topics, this is my main goal.

Beyond that; here is what I’d like to learn and get out of the above experiences and a career in journalism overall…

Confidence– Growing up watching TV news and even meeting the very journalists I’ve grown to look up to and admire, they’ve all seemed so professional, so polished. They all seemed to have this sense of identity and being sure of themselves and their abilities to be good at their jobs. I still feel like an infinitesimal bug. I second guess my writing and thinking about how I am perceived by others gives me cold sweats 9 times out of 10. I’d dream to be proud of who I am, to feel I’ve accomplished something with my life or that I even can. I want to be able to think “I am Erin Despas, I’m an intelligent person. I can conduct successful interviews and can write effectively and present myself in a confident, self-assured manner. This is just one part of me I have not let anyone know was there except very close friends.




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