Inspirational Women (and Men) on International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. Though we should celebrate women every day, today is when women are honoured the world over. So who do I admire most amongst the women in my life? Well for one I’d have to say my mother.  After a year of early intervention preschool, my mom made sure I was in an integrated program at the local elementary school. Even with the bullying I experienced throughout my school years, I am still grateful for the opportunities I might have not had, had I been in a special needs program throughout school. Though that is not to say there is anything wrong with special needs programs, they just would not have been what was best for me.  I digress however, back to the subject of this blog post.

So what other women in my life, do I look up to? For a myriad of reasons here is a small, abridged list…

  1. Diane Sawyer – An American journalist I look to for how she anchors a newcast. To me, Diane Sawyer seems to be professional in how she presents herself on ABC News every Monday – Friday night but also a welcoming, and warm heated person.
  2. Katie Couric – Another American journalist I look up to. I admire Ms. Couric’s professionalism but also her sense of humour and having fun. Plus she’s really good on the harmonica! (Attempt at some humour there).
  3. Now for someone whom I may take some flack for mentioning. I’d have to say Cher has been a role model for me since Jr. High when my mother took me to my first concert (Believe Tour ’99). I admire Cher because, despite a learning disability she comes across to me as an intelligent, sassy and successful person. As someone with a disability, I admire that.
  4. My grandmother on my mom’s side. I admire the sheer courage and perseverance she must have had to raise 12 children, while working nights to support her family.

Now while it is International Women’s Day, allow me to play devil’s advocate for a moment. It is my belief that both men and women can be  successful, intelligent and hard working. So without further ado here is a list of men I admire.

  1. Lloyd Robertson – One of the journalist greats in Canada. Every time I watch CTV National and he is anchoring, I can’t help but like his professionalism and how he always comes across as a true gentleman.
  2. Gord Steinke – A local journalist that I have been lucky enough to have met. Mr. Steinke is not only a good journalist but also one heck of a singer and guitarist.
  3. My great uncle Al – I still remember trying to solve the riddles he had for my brother and me when we were kids. I miss my uncle to this day, and pray for a cure for colon cancer as well as all cancers.

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