Visiting TV news stations and My Philosophy Behind Wanting to See it All

Well it’s done. I’ve finalized plans for an excursion into the city next month. I’ve spoken about this vaguely on my Facebook wall.  Now since my plans are set in stone (well more or less, anything can happen in TV news, big hint there!) I think I can mention more about this day in Edmonton, and why I’m so excited about it.

I’m going to visit a TV news station in Edmonton. Yes, I have already seen two but from my perspective every station is different. Not only do journalists have differing styles in story-telling, but even how a newscast is broadcast might not be quite the same, station to station. Examples for this could be CTV Edmonton having a guest come into their studio and cook something on air. There’s a moment in the Global Edmonton “News Hour” where one of their news anchors or reporters will be shown standing for the story they are sharing with their audience at home. What’s more, there can be differences from the size of a studio, how many people are on staff, and the overall atmosphere a given news station wants to achieve for their newscast.

I’m not yet in a journalism program. I have already decided however, that I’d like to see, hear and learn from multiple areas of journalism (TV, radio and print). In my mind this could only serve to make me a better journalist later on when I actually have a career in the industry.


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