Journalism Mentorship at the Edmonton Journal

This coming Thursday, May 5th I will have officially been part of a Mentorship program at the Edmonton Journal, for a month. It’s terribly cliché but time flies when you’re having fun. I’ve been having a ball!  I’ve met so many great new people already and begun to learn from them. This is what I envisioned a Mentorship opportunity at the Journal to be. My expectations have been met, and then some, it seems.

So far I’ve been engulfed by election information but with that over soon, I can’t wait to see what I will be doing next. Having no idea when this opportunity might reach its completion (in a utopia world, it never would!), I am determined to take every assignment seriously and learn, and do, as best I can. Though I know, my journey through this Mentorship program, would not be as smooth as it has been so far, if not for the great support and guidance from my mentor, Karen Unland. She’s not been the only great supporter either. I’ve felt welcome right from the start. I’ve been able to get advice from various journalists at the newspaper.

Just the other day, I spoke with a few of the journalists who I have met during my time at the Journal. I was given some great advice on going out in search of a good story to report, or write about. Ladies such as Elise Stolte and Candace Elliott, and Paula Simons are just three of the journalists I look to, for advice. Thank you ladies!

Though, I have made other acquaintances at the Journal. Yep, my time at the Journal is definitely much more enjoyable, and educational, thanks to the guidance and patience of a lot of people.

In no particular order…. thanks to – Iain Ilich, Lucas Timmons, Paula Simons, Candace Elliott, Elise Stolte and Karen Unland.

Of course, I’d be terribly remiss if I were to forget Lucinda Chodan, the editor-in-chief. Thanks all, for making me feel welcome. I look forward to learning and growing as a rookie journalist. See you all Thursday!


Mentorship and Looking to the Future

I’m starting at the Edmonton Journal this coming week, as part of a Mentorship program. I am super excited. I am also really nervous.

Sure I have been learning over the past two years or so about the journalism world.  Though, there is still plenty I do not know yet. I have, in my mind, no real discernible experience apart from a few writing pieces I’ve had published in the local newspaper (Stony Plain Reporter/Spruce Grove Examiner). Though I am ready for the challenge of whatever awaits me.

Beyond looking to what responsibilities I might have at the Journal, I do tend to wonder about other matters related to working in the workplace. One big question that has crossed my mind is, what do I wear? Should I be making a point to wear makeup or go plain jane, as I normally do? (Long story short, I am acquiring a liking for makeup but tend to botch the job of applying eye shadow).

There is also the worry of having a seizure while working at the newspaper. Though I have been told I worry too much, and I do have to agree. I am just learning to accept the fact that, if a seizure were to occur, it would not be the end of the world. I should not stress over this possibility.

At any rate, my first day is this Tuesday. I am nervous. Then again, I’m sure others have been nervous when they start a new job or endeavour.

Jam Packed Weekend

Well it’s a definite cliché but this weekend has been jam packed, so far.

I met a local journalist who, not only is a great person but a role model for me. Cam Tait is a great person to talk to and learn from. Though I do admit having been out of my element (beyond swimming, sports is not something I was ever encouraged to become interested in), I still had a lot of fun watching as Cam went about reporting on the game. It was intriguing being so close to the action (though I must admit, I’m still working through a fear of flying objects coming in my direction).

I went back tonight to watch my second Saints game tonight. Although I went home early, it was fun seeing the Saints do warm up laps before the game, and hear them shouting and laughing enthusiastically.

I’ve also been able to make contact with another sports journalist in the area, but that is another story. So, a great weekend so far.

Gearing up for Monday morning now… 🙂