Jam Packed Weekend

Well it’s a definite cliché but this weekend has been jam packed, so far.

I met a local journalist who, not only is a great person but a role model for me. Cam Tait is a great person to talk to and learn from. Though I do admit having been out of my element (beyond swimming, sports is not something I was ever encouraged to become interested in), I still had a lot of fun watching as Cam went about reporting on the game. It was intriguing being so close to the action (though I must admit, I’m still working through a fear of flying objects coming in my direction).

I went back tonight to watch my second Saints game tonight. Although I went home early, it was fun seeing the Saints do warm up laps before the game, and hear them shouting and laughing enthusiastically.

I’ve also been able to make contact with another sports journalist in the area, but that is another story. So, a great weekend so far.

Gearing up for Monday morning now… 🙂


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