Mentorship and Looking to the Future

I’m starting at the Edmonton Journal this coming week, as part of a Mentorship program. I am super excited. I am also really nervous.

Sure I have been learning over the past two years or so about the journalism world.  Though, there is still plenty I do not know yet. I have, in my mind, no real discernible experience apart from a few writing pieces I’ve had published in the local newspaper (Stony Plain Reporter/Spruce Grove Examiner). Though I am ready for the challenge of whatever awaits me.

Beyond looking to what responsibilities I might have at the Journal, I do tend to wonder about other matters related to working in the workplace. One big question that has crossed my mind is, what do I wear? Should I be making a point to wear makeup or go plain jane, as I normally do? (Long story short, I am acquiring a liking for makeup but tend to botch the job of applying eye shadow).

There is also the worry of having a seizure while working at the newspaper. Though I have been told I worry too much, and I do have to agree. I am just learning to accept the fact that, if a seizure were to occur, it would not be the end of the world. I should not stress over this possibility.

At any rate, my first day is this Tuesday. I am nervous. Then again, I’m sure others have been nervous when they start a new job or endeavour.


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