Never-ending Hunt for a Story

Recently I was given advice from a reporter. They were offering advice on how to find a story to write about. Yesterday, I had a stop to make before work about a block or so, from the Journal. On my walk to work, I met a woman who, as it turns out, has an interesting story to tell. Originally from Sri Lanka, her parents had moved her immediate family to Edmonton to provide a better life for themselves. The family also had at least one relative who had moved to Edmonton.

I’m sure the story does not end there. I have long since been fascinated by other cultures and how people come from all different walks of life. I may never see this person again, but would love to talk to them again.

Talking to someone on my way to work; totally at random, I unearth a small, but intriguing story. This experience has taught me something. I have grown to hold the philosophy “everyone has a story to tell.” The conversation I had with someone, while on my way to work, seems to confirm this. I wonder what I will learn next time I engage someone in casual conversation?


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