Journalism – Lot of Fun, Little Glamour

While I haven’t met anyone, who thought journalism was “all glamour and fun,” I have heard of these disillusioned individuals. I am at the bottom of the barrel, as far as a journalism career goes. Yet, for me, with working in a newsroom for the first time, my day consists of waking up and watching news; arriving to the newspaper where I promptly set out learning of my day’s assignment, and then getting to work researching online and making calls when needed. Yes, this is my passion and I have a blast every day I am in the newsroom.

It is FAR from easy. There are times when researching something, leads me no where fast. I won’t kid you either, it really sucks when this happens. Thankfully it hasn’t happened to me too often.

The really fun part of the day is setting out to write. News stories, news blurbs, etc – writing is my thing. I look forward to the time when I can go to my first news conference. Yet, that brings about another “unglamouress” fact about journalism – riding in taxis. While a great many taxi drivers are great, know their way around the city, and even engage in conversation; there are some I’ve encountered who have not been as pleasant.

So really while I do find journalism fun, exciting and at times an adrenaline rush, this is just me. I am biased towards journalism as its been a lifelong dream to work as a journalist. It really isn’t for everyone though. Deadlines, sometimes having to research on topics that just plain bore you to tears, and other reasons make journalism what it is. I love it, but really I do get it when journalists say it’s not glamour. Trust me, even I know journalism isn’t all glamour. Journalism may be fun for me, but it’s a lot of hard work too.


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