Art of the Interview

Yesterday I worked at the Edmonton Journal, as I do every Tuesday. I was given an assignment to devise questions for not one, but two mock interviews. I gave myself a deadline of just over an hour.

Well for one, I was given feedback on the questions I had come up with for one “interview.” Being transparent to a fault, as I tend to be, I must admit still needing to work on confidence. Addressing myself in a confident, purposeful manner is still a learning curve for me.

With that knowledge however, it was still a fun exercise in furthering my knowledge and skill level as a journalist. No one is perfect, and that certainly does include me. A local journalist once told me that having a passion for journalism was important. Now it is just a matter of learning, observing and experiencing the things I will undoubtedly need to know to be a good journalist. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Becoming a good journalist, capable of reporting any news story thrown at them, or interviewing anyone, does not happen overnight either. To me, learning is half the fun!


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