Scanners – Music to My Ears

Scanners. They can be a great nuisance to some and music to others. I am of the latter influence.

It can be a considerable learning curve, listening to scanners. There are various codes used to denote the various emergencies and the severity of each. Knowing when to repeat what you have heard, and when not to, also takes experience.

I was a preteen when I was first introduced to scanners. I remember being enthralled by them, when my mother and I would visit a neighbour friend of hers.

As someone who has always been quite inquisitive, I enjoy listening to scanners. Hearing of the various goings on; fires, accidents, etc is something that has interested me for a good many years.

On the flip side, as someone who has been in an ambulance on more than one occasion, I find it interesting in itself, learning what the code is for someone having seizures. (Can be anywhere from an Alpha, the least serious, to a Delta which stipulates two ambulances or an ambulance and a fire truck responding to the call).

I know also, not everyone likes listening to scanners. Quite frankly, the vast majority of my friends can’t stand hearing them. At home, I’ll listen through headphones.

Yet I must say, as someone working at the Edmonton Journal now, as part of a Mentorship program, I love walking past the cop desk.


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