Medical Marvel or Complete Lunacy?

Others may disagree with me but I feel like a loon. Even as I type this, it’s taking a good bit of restraint not to bend down and rip the skin off my right foot. I am so itchy!!!!! I am not used to feeling itchy; not in my feet at the very least!

It’s been at least a month since I’ve been out of the hospital. At least a month of enduring having new found feeling in my legs and feet. I am going stir crazy! Yes, I do hear the words of friends and my mother, telling me “Maybe it’s nerve damage repairing itself.” I love you all, but honestly the chances of that happening are exceedingly slim to nil. Yet, I do concede it might be nice, if this were to be the cause.

As of today’s tests at the University hospital this morning, I am still mystifying doctors. It has been confirmed that I am indeed, experiencing new found feeling in the lower half of my body. Doctors have no explanation as to how this is suddenly the case, or what could be causing this sudden change. So wait, I will. Both my neurosurgeon and the neurologist he referred me to, will be trying to figure out the answers to this puzzle.

Though, as I mentioned to the doctor this morning; “When have docs ever been able to figure me out?” I’m a medical mystery pure and simple. For better or for worse. Right now all I can do is wait. That and try to keep from scratching these itchy feet and legs laden with mosquito bites!


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