Rain Rain, Go Away or Come and Stay?

Have you ever noticed, some people are natural born complainers? Specifically I’m thinking about those who almost never seem quite satisfied with the weather. I admit, I am a complainer too. If it’s too hot, I people complain; too cold? You guessed it, more complaints. It’s not any better when it’s windy or snowing either. It seems people will complain no matter what the weather. If they want to complain, they will. Weather is just the easiest target for complainers.

Why is it that people complain? Well for one, I think it’s a societal issue. It boils down to the old adage “You can’t please everyone.” Yet, people expect others to do just that. It can’t be done! There are so many people on this Earth and each with his or her own view on things. That undoubtedly will lead to complaints from others. The weather; how their government is run, where landfills are put, etc. Yes, you most certainly cannot win everyone’s favour.

As for the rain, we’ve had scorching heat, rain for days on end and heck; this past winter didn’t seem to ever want to end. Sure enough, the vast majority of us are born complainers. Somehow, I don’t think that’s due to be changing anytime soon either. We might as well get used to it. Just like we might as well get used to this heat when it comes, and this rain too. (Though no one says we have to like it!).


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