Interview “Bucket List”

I had two great interviews this past week. Two interviews, of which I enjoyed acquiring, preparing questions for and executing (though it should be noted, my interview skills are still lacking at this point).

In thinking back on these most recent interviews, I am reminded of a school assignment I had in junior high English class. We were to choose someone to interview and devise questions for them. This was essentially my first stint into creating questions for an interview. After that first part of the assignment was complete, we were then told to interview our persons of interest and then compose a small write up about them using the answers we were given to our questions. Again, first foray into interviewing and then proceeding to write something with the answers I had been given.

Although my interviewing skills still need considerable improvement (you have to start somewhere though, right?) I feel as if I have really grown since that first foray into interviewing and profiling.

Now taking this all into consideration, I am left wondering…. who would I most want to interview and why? Well I’m going to try and answer that question here in this blog post. Not a complete list but a summary of who I would be interested in interviewing and writing about one day.

1. Dawna Friesen – First woman to anchor a national newscast in Canada. As an aspiring journalist, and as a woman, I find this pretty darn cool and impressive. I’d love to delve  into Ms. Friesen’s beginnings as a girl growing up on the prairie.

2. Lloyd Roberston – Okay I realize, aspiring journalist, probably should not just be wanting to interview journalists. Trust me, I really don’t want to only interview journalists. Mr. Roberston is a living journalist legend here in Canada, as far as I’m concerned however. For that reason, I’d be interested in interviewing him one day. I’d love to get his insight into the changing face of journalism.

3. Rick Hansen- Mr. Hansen has been such an inspiration to so many with his work raising money and awareness for people living with spinal cord injuries.

4. A Holocaust survivor-I can’t imagine the horrors faced during the Holocaust. It is truly inspiring, to me, that there are survivors of this horrible time in history.

5. Brian McKeever-Mr. McKeever is, to me, such an inspirational person. I think an interview with Brian McKeever would prove very eye opening and riveting. (Full disclosure here….. Brian McKeever is a distant relative of mine).

6. The parent of a child who has a disability – I know what my experience has been, having a disability but I would love to gain some perspective and insight into what a parent experiences, when their child has a disability.


Beyond those six interviews I’d like to do some day, I would like to interview…. a police officer, an ambulance worker (paramedic or emt) a city councillor, the mayor, and someone who works in a woman’s shelter aiding women who have fled domestic violence.

There you have it. Here is a small list of some of the people, I would love to one day interview.


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