First Time for Everything

Those who follow me on Facebook or Twitter probably know by now I’ve injured my foot recently. Sure, I’ve sprained my ankle before and even my wrists too, at times, but for the first time there is a question as to whether I’ve broken a bone. The whole experience has given me perspective into a part of life, I’ve never ventured into (at least not willingly!).

So this is what it feels like to have a potentially fractured foot- how absolutely lovely! (can you sense the sarcasm here? Ya, I thought so).  Well while the pain is annoying; I think it’s safe to say the lack of being able to really do anything is ten times worse. I may not be a pro athlete or otherwise outgoing and active but even I like being able to go here and there without worrying about pain cramping my style. As it is, I’ve played more games of Civilization 3 than I care to think about. I’ve totally lost track at this point.

This weekend marks my favourite festival in Edmonton. I am still seriously bummed I had to miss Heritage Days. Trying out new ethnic foods, practicing my language skills with native speakers and enjoying the music of so many different cultures, I am going to live vicariously through friends this year, who have gone.

Though there is one bright side to my having injured myself. This past week was to be my last week at the Edmonton Journal. Since April, I’ve been part of a Mentorship there. This coming week will now be my final week at the Edmonton newspaper. Though, that will be for another blog post.

I’m off to go take another Advil now. Hope everyone’s been having a great long weekend.


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