Time at Edmonton Journal Comes to an End/ Thank you EJ for Everything!

Well it’s over now. Last week was supposed to be the end of my time at the Edmonton Journal but due to my injuring my left foot and ankle however, that changed. Yesterday was my last day – and a very melancholy, reflective day it was.

I started at the Journal on April 12 this year. Wide-eyed naive; I had never been given an opportunity like this before. Heck, I still don’t think I have any real experience worth celebrating. I am still wide-eyed and naive. Yet, I have grown. I have grown as a journalist (or journalist in the making rather).

I have learned so much from my mentors; first Karen Unland and then a combination of Barb Wilkinson and Lucinda Chodan. (Wilkinson is the newspapers’ deputy editor and Chodan is the editor in chief). From how to conduct interviews efficiently and effectively, writing profiles that are engaging and entertaining and then there’s the absolute addiction (for me) of going to press conferences and working on reporting on them.

My experiences at the Journal didn’t end with what I learned about journalism. I experienced acceptance; not just from one person, but from a whole team of great people. I experienced inclusion. Being offered coffee from Tim Horton’s when a colleague was going on a coffee run left a great impression on me.

I experienced so much during the past four months. I am grateful for all the lessons I have been taught during this time. Also, I am thankful for the gifts I have been given. Being encouraged, having people tell me they have confidence in me and my abilities, means such a great deal to me.

I have had a whirlwind of a time while at the Edmonton Journal. I have been busier than a queen bee in her hive. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I enjoyed every moment I was at the newspaper and look forward to September when I have been allowed to come back for the Raise a Reader campaign. I can’t wait!

Thanks you go out to – Lucinda Chodan, Barbara Wilkinson, Karen Unland, Kerry Powell, Paula Simons, Elise Stolte, Candace Elliott, Jana Pruden, Shelley Bindon, Dave Cooper, Dave Howell, and the list goes on. I look forward to keeping in touch!


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