Unexpected but Welcome Story

I learned a lot during my time with the Edmonton Journal. There was one story however, that seemed to get away. It came rather unexpectedly but was more than welcomed by me.

About a month ago I went on the streetcar in Edmonton, for my first time. Sitting at the station waiting for the streetcar to come, an elderly man asked to sit on the bench my brother and I were seated on. My brother got up, the man sat down. And thus began his story….

A World War two veteran, he had fought and been wounded during the Blitz in England. After being discharged from service shortly after being wounded, he then made the move to Leduc. He had heard of a good job there digging oil wells.  He was there when Leduc struck oil.

After that, he told us of meeting his wife. He was sitting in a bar, drinking a beer when she came walking in. The rest, as they say is history.

Now I would love it if I could meet with that gentleman again, learn his name and more about his life. His hopes for himself as a young man newly enlisted, dreams for a wonderful life together with a woman he loved and did he have any regrets. I guess I will never know the answers to those questions.

His after, is the story that came unexpectedly, but also got away from me.


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