Foot Injuries and Letting them Heal

So many of you by now know, I’ve injured my left foot. There is a cartilage tear with regards to my talus bone. People have been asking me how on earth did I injure myself in such a way. Well, my best guess is it’s from a fall I took at my first presser (press conference).

What a way to impress eh? So not cool…. I’m still grateful no one saw, except the reporter I was with from the Edmonton Journal.

Now I have journalism school coming up in a few weeks and dealing with a cartilage tear, which I’ve been told takes three months to heal. So I’ve taken to only walking when I have to, as per doctor’s orders. As a result, I am bored.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad. I’ve found episodes of an old TV sitcom I watched as a child, on YouTube (Blossom) and that was great. Though, I have grown really tired of playing Civilization 3. Once or twice is okay but umpteen times? No thanks.

I have been able to do some school shopping (supplies, new bag on wheels – the usual stuff). I just now wonder how I’m going to get around the campus. To be fair, I’m going to be carpooling for this first term to minimize the time spent walking on my bad foot. Plus I’ll be going to the campus on the West end of the city which is great.

I’m just not sure about getting around mostly because this whole injured foot type scenario is totally new to me. I guess I’ll have to see how I do when the time comes for classes to start in September. I’m still excited though…. nothing could change that!


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