Interview with a Journalist – Kevin Newman

Kevin Newman is the former weekday anchor and executive editor for Global National. In May 2010 he announced he was leaving Global National. Now, a year later, Newman is set to be the next host of CTV’s Question Period. Newman will also put his interest in digital media to work as a Digital News Evangelist. Today I sat down with Mr. Newman for a phone interview. What follows is a question and answer format of my interview with the successful journalist.

1. What made you decide to become a journalist?

As a teenager I was always interested in current events and was a bit of a news junkie.

I liked watching election nights. In school I was on student’s council and I really liked being able to see things for myself and tell others about it.


2. Are there any moments, either when you were anchoring or reporting, that stand out for you in your career?

The election of President Obama stands out to me as historic and unlikely. I’ve met Nelson Mandella who is a gracious man.

Covering wars and conflicts has made me appreciate life and my country even more deeply.


3. Why the decision to leave Global National?

I was becoming interested in digital media and felt I had to leave my job at Global National to pursue that interest.


4. What will you be doing now in your new job at CTV?

I will have two part time jobs. I’ll be hosting a political show for CTV (Question Period) and also I will be engaging myself in digital media.


5. Any advice for aspiring journalists or journalists that are just entering the industry?

Know how to do as many forms of journalism and storytelling as possible.

Think of yourself more as tradespeople, learn a little of everything.


6. What is one part of the job that you love?

Meeting people and helping them share their stories.


7. What is one part of the job you dislike?

It takes time away from my family and can be really stressful working to a deadline every day.


8. Anything about yourself that people might not know about you, that you’d like to share? (I.e.  You have a Standard poodle).

I was an assistant manager at a McDonald’s before university.



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