What’s Just Happened? – A Narrative

Down the long corridor the young woman stumbled. She couldn’t remember the last few minutes before coming here, yet she knew where she was now. She was at the hospital. Though her mind was still cloudy she had a hunch just what had happened, within those few moments she could not recall. No question about it really. She had had a seizure. The young woman was used to these dreaded spells by now, having experienced them at different intervals over the past several years. She could never remember a seizure when it happened and yet she had picked up on signs within herself, that let her know that one had gripped it’s ugly and all-powerful hold over her. It didn’t take a brain surgeon, she thought, to put two and two together. When she seemingly can’t recall moments in time, or had lost bits and pieces of conversations she tried to have, she knew. That was when a seizure had taken control.

Rendering her completely helpless to her own body’s will, that’s what she detested most about these damn seizures. She could scarcely even ride a city bus without wondering if she’d be incapacitated by a seizure. So far she hadn’t had that problem arise in daily life. Yet it was always a possibility.

Now as she made her way towards the triage nurse’s station, the woman sighed resoundingly. This was her life after all. All she could do about the situation was sit and wait. Soon the doctor would come call for her. They’d take her into an examination room and check her out from top to bottom. Then they’d give her medication if need be and send her on her way. Home. To await the next time when she would have to return.


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