Final days before University (and will Someone get This Song out of my Head!)

Well, it’s happening. First day of classes is this Tuesday. Now I’m just a jumble of nerves, excitement and curiosity.

I’m nervous as I don’t know what to really expect university to be like. I’m excited for the challenges that undoubtedly lay before me. Finally, I’m curious. Curious to know; what sorts of assignments will I be asked to do? If and when it comes time to go out in search of stories, where will that search take me? How will I do?

And ultimately, in my third year……Where would my placement be? Are students told where to go or do we get any say?

So, I’ve gone to the orientation now and met some of my classmates. Also, I have the song Come Some Away stuck in my head. Bridget Ryan was the keynote speaker for orientation. I can still recall the cabaret I went to see about a month or two ago. Bridget was singing lead vocals and it was an all 80s cabaret.

Seeing Ms. Ryan take to the stage at Grant MacEwan, as keynote speaker, was a great surprise. She showed herself to be just as lively and animated as she is when doing her cabaret shows or when on location for Breakfast Television (weekdays from 5:30 a.m to 9:00 a.m). Also, hearing her speak about her experiences being a student at Grant MacEwan (in 199____) gave insight to what lays ahead in the next four to five years.

I’m still nervous but, considering Ms. Ryan’s words, as well as the encouragement from friends and acquaintances alike, I’m ready for what’s to come. (I think!?)…..


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