One Anniversary… a sad day

It’s been two weeks. Two weeks since the one anniversary of my best friend’s death. Yesterday would have been Shadow’s birthday.

I know some would say “Oh c’mon, he was just a dog…. he was nothing but a family pet.’

But you know what? The keyword there is family. He was a family member to me, and my closest friend. I remember when my grandfather died and shortly after that, I found Sasha, my beautiful cockerspaniel. Shadow came later (a day later, to be precise), and was my brother’s dog.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Sasha a couple years later; she was just too hyper for our quiet neighbourhood.

This blog post however, is about Shadow, although I still miss Sasha, and think of her often.

I know, I know; you’re going to say I’m being too sentimental about this, and maybe I am. I still remember when I was a kid and lost my budgie, Eddie to a heart attack due to an extremely hot summer. His grave is situated in our backyard, beneath our tall spruce trees.

Pets come, and pets go. Shadow, as I’ve already mentioned, was my best friend. When I was sad, I would seek comfort in his always being there; with a wag of his tail, and lick at my hand.

I wonder now, will I ever have another pet in my life? Hopefully, I will some day. At the moment, I just can’t afford it. And more than that… it just hurts a little too much.

Shadow, I love you. Goodbye my furry, sweet friend.