New Chapter of Life – Mommy to … Parakeets?

Yep, I consider my new pet parakeets my babies. In fact, since I got them one week ago today, they’ve learned just how to wrap me around their little wings. Don’t all “children” do that?

My bird’s cage is situated on an end table beside my couch. When I’m sitting beside them, they’re calm, cute and sweet. The second I get up and move away from the couch? Loud, unhappy squawks can be heard throughout my one bedroom apartment. It’s quite fun actually… I take it as a sign that they love me and have warmed up to my presence.

Like any new “parent” I’ve already begun to brag and share stories about them and their antics (example… this blog post). I’ve made Facebook videos and status updates about them. I share photos of them on both Twitter and Facebook. (Twitter has a whole new meaning to me considering the name).

Yesterday, my parakeet, Solange, landed on my mother’s wrist for a few moments but then decided to bolt out of her cage. My other parakeet, Crystal began chirping loudly at that point, calling to her little bird friend.

And now I’m trying to introduce them to taking their first bath in their new home. So far, Solange has gone done and drank out of the dish I put in the cage for them, but neither have figured out yet they’re supposed to bath in it. I must be patient…

Well, thanks for reading and allowing me to brag about my “babies.” So far, I love being a bird mom!


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