Cancer Takes Another…

There are no words right now, to describe how much I despise this horrible disease. First my great uncle and then my grandfather. Since then it’s claimed the lives of at least two great aunts, another grandparent and it’s latest victim…. my older half sister, Michele.

I honestly don’t think it’s fully hit me yet, the news of her passing, but still, I feel I must reflect. Reflect on what I knew of my sister, the relationship I had with her and ultimately, the last few moments I had with her.

In truth, I didn’t get many opportunities to see my sister through the years. However, I felt a bond with her nonetheless. Years between visits, and the distance we lived apart, never changed one pivotal truth – we were sisters.

I recall hearing about her being sick early last month, but not knowing at the time what her illness was. It was just this past Monday that I heard that unforgettable phrase “she has cancer.” I didn’t sleep much that night.

It comforts me to know that my last words to Michele were I love you. Such a simple, freely spoken, sentence that carries so much weight, so much meaning.

Her last words to me were the same, and for that memory I know I will ultimately smile. For now however, I mourn and am sad. Sad for Michele; sad for my bro in law, her husband, and sad also for her sons, and grandchildren. Selfishly I am sad for myself too. Sad that I will never see my sister on this earth again.

I love you Michele, rest in peace.


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