Halloweens of Childhood

So I’m sitting in tonight for Halloween; no candy duty or dressing up this year. I am thinking, however, of Halloweens past. The costumes I’ve worn, the candy I’ve had. I can still recall my power ranger costume from when I was (I think) 9 years old. There was also the year I dressed in only a mask of Dopey, one of the seven dwarves.

Actually, the year I went as Dopey, I had had surgery only a week or two before so was still at home recuperating. Yet, the one day, Halloween, I went to my school and a prank was set upon my teacher. My classmates and I all seated ourselves at our desks and the lights were turned off.
The teacher came in, turned the lights on and Dopey was in her classroom. Her reaction of gasping in surprise was priceless!

There have been other memorable moments of Halloweens gone by. The year I went out trick or treating for a friend who wasn’t able to go out herself. Then the Halloweens I spent going to the mall, for indoor activities that were hosted there.

Halloween has always been one of my favourite holidays; from the costumes, to the candy (candy corn still being a favourite) and of course the dressing up. What are some of the highlights of the spooky season for you? Do you have any favourite candy, costumes or memories in general of the holiday?


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