New Chapter of Life – Mommy to … Parakeets?

Yep, I consider my new pet parakeets my babies. In fact, since I got them one week ago today, they’ve learned just how to wrap me around their little wings. Don’t all “children” do that?

My bird’s cage is situated on an end table beside my couch. When I’m sitting beside them, they’re calm, cute and sweet. The second I get up and move away from the couch? Loud, unhappy squawks can be heard throughout my one bedroom apartment. It’s quite fun actually… I take it as a sign that they love me and have warmed up to my presence.

Like any new “parent” I’ve already begun to brag and share stories about them and their antics (example… this blog post). I’ve made Facebook videos and status updates about them. I share photos of them on both Twitter and Facebook. (Twitter has a whole new meaning to me considering the name).

Yesterday, my parakeet, Solange, landed on my mother’s wrist for a few moments but then decided to bolt out of her cage. My other parakeet, Crystal began chirping loudly at that point, calling to her little bird friend.

And now I’m trying to introduce them to taking their first bath in their new home. So far, Solange has gone done and drank out of the dish I put in the cage for them, but neither have figured out yet they’re supposed to bath in it. I must be patient…

Well, thanks for reading and allowing me to brag about my “babies.” So far, I love being a bird mom!


Any Questions??

I have recently resurrected my blog interview series “Interview with a Journalist.” Well now it’s your turn, to be the interviewer. Surely the readers of this blog must have some questions about me. Whether it be about my disability or various diagnosis’ or hopes and aspirations. Maybe you just want to know what I ate for breakfast (The answer is nothing by the way, I ordinarily don’t eat breakfast).

So the floor is open to you all. Have any questions for me? Big or small, I’ll try my best to answer them all.

Put your questions down in the comments section of this blog post. I look forward to reading and answering your questions!

Foot Injuries and Letting them Heal

So many of you by now know, I’ve injured my left foot. There is a cartilage tear with regards to my talus bone. People have been asking me how on earth did I injure myself in such a way. Well, my best guess is it’s from a fall I took at my first presser (press conference).

What a way to impress eh? So not cool…. I’m still grateful no one saw, except the reporter I was with from the Edmonton Journal.

Now I have journalism school coming up in a few weeks and dealing with a cartilage tear, which I’ve been told takes three months to heal. So I’ve taken to only walking when I have to, as per doctor’s orders. As a result, I am bored.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad. I’ve found episodes of an old TV sitcom I watched as a child, on YouTube (Blossom) and that was great. Though, I have grown really tired of playing Civilization 3. Once or twice is okay but umpteen times? No thanks.

I have been able to do some school shopping (supplies, new bag on wheels – the usual stuff). I just now wonder how I’m going to get around the campus. To be fair, I’m going to be carpooling for this first term to minimize the time spent walking on my bad foot. Plus I’ll be going to the campus on the West end of the city which is great.

I’m just not sure about getting around mostly because this whole injured foot type scenario is totally new to me. I guess I’ll have to see how I do when the time comes for classes to start in September. I’m still excited though…. nothing could change that!

Unexpected but Welcome Story

I learned a lot during my time with the Edmonton Journal. There was one story however, that seemed to get away. It came rather unexpectedly but was more than welcomed by me.

About a month ago I went on the streetcar in Edmonton, for my first time. Sitting at the station waiting for the streetcar to come, an elderly man asked to sit on the bench my brother and I were seated on. My brother got up, the man sat down. And thus began his story….

A World War two veteran, he had fought and been wounded during the Blitz in England. After being discharged from service shortly after being wounded, he then made the move to Leduc. He had heard of a good job there digging oil wells.  He was there when Leduc struck oil.

After that, he told us of meeting his wife. He was sitting in a bar, drinking a beer when she came walking in. The rest, as they say is history.

Now I would love it if I could meet with that gentleman again, learn his name and more about his life. His hopes for himself as a young man newly enlisted, dreams for a wonderful life together with a woman he loved and did he have any regrets. I guess I will never know the answers to those questions.

His after, is the story that came unexpectedly, but also got away from me.

First Time for Everything

Those who follow me on Facebook or Twitter probably know by now I’ve injured my foot recently. Sure, I’ve sprained my ankle before and even my wrists too, at times, but for the first time there is a question as to whether I’ve broken a bone. The whole experience has given me perspective into a part of life, I’ve never ventured into (at least not willingly!).

So this is what it feels like to have a potentially fractured foot- how absolutely lovely! (can you sense the sarcasm here? Ya, I thought so).  Well while the pain is annoying; I think it’s safe to say the lack of being able to really do anything is ten times worse. I may not be a pro athlete or otherwise outgoing and active but even I like being able to go here and there without worrying about pain cramping my style. As it is, I’ve played more games of Civilization 3 than I care to think about. I’ve totally lost track at this point.

This weekend marks my favourite festival in Edmonton. I am still seriously bummed I had to miss Heritage Days. Trying out new ethnic foods, practicing my language skills with native speakers and enjoying the music of so many different cultures, I am going to live vicariously through friends this year, who have gone.

Though there is one bright side to my having injured myself. This past week was to be my last week at the Edmonton Journal. Since April, I’ve been part of a Mentorship there. This coming week will now be my final week at the Edmonton newspaper. Though, that will be for another blog post.

I’m off to go take another Advil now. Hope everyone’s been having a great long weekend.

Rain Rain, Go Away or Come and Stay?

Have you ever noticed, some people are natural born complainers? Specifically I’m thinking about those who almost never seem quite satisfied with the weather. I admit, I am a complainer too. If it’s too hot, I people complain; too cold? You guessed it, more complaints. It’s not any better when it’s windy or snowing either. It seems people will complain no matter what the weather. If they want to complain, they will. Weather is just the easiest target for complainers.

Why is it that people complain? Well for one, I think it’s a societal issue. It boils down to the old adage “You can’t please everyone.” Yet, people expect others to do just that. It can’t be done! There are so many people on this Earth and each with his or her own view on things. That undoubtedly will lead to complaints from others. The weather; how their government is run, where landfills are put, etc. Yes, you most certainly cannot win everyone’s favour.

As for the rain, we’ve had scorching heat, rain for days on end and heck; this past winter didn’t seem to ever want to end. Sure enough, the vast majority of us are born complainers. Somehow, I don’t think that’s due to be changing anytime soon either. We might as well get used to it. Just like we might as well get used to this heat when it comes, and this rain too. (Though no one says we have to like it!).

Never-ending Hunt for a Story

Recently I was given advice from a reporter. They were offering advice on how to find a story to write about. Yesterday, I had a stop to make before work about a block or so, from the Journal. On my walk to work, I met a woman who, as it turns out, has an interesting story to tell. Originally from Sri Lanka, her parents had moved her immediate family to Edmonton to provide a better life for themselves. The family also had at least one relative who had moved to Edmonton.

I’m sure the story does not end there. I have long since been fascinated by other cultures and how people come from all different walks of life. I may never see this person again, but would love to talk to them again.

Talking to someone on my way to work; totally at random, I unearth a small, but intriguing story. This experience has taught me something. I have grown to hold the philosophy “everyone has a story to tell.” The conversation I had with someone, while on my way to work, seems to confirm this. I wonder what I will learn next time I engage someone in casual conversation?

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