New Chapter of Life – Mommy to … Parakeets?

Yep, I consider my new pet parakeets my babies. In fact, since I got them one week ago today, they’ve learned just how to wrap me around their little wings. Don’t all “children” do that?

My bird’s cage is situated on an end table beside my couch. When I’m sitting beside them, they’re calm, cute and sweet. The second I get up and move away from the couch? Loud, unhappy squawks can be heard throughout my one bedroom apartment. It’s quite fun actually… I take it as a sign that they love me and have warmed up to my presence.

Like any new “parent” I’ve already begun to brag and share stories about them and their antics (example… this blog post). I’ve made Facebook videos and status updates about them. I share photos of them on both Twitter and Facebook. (Twitter has a whole new meaning to me considering the name).

Yesterday, my parakeet, Solange, landed on my mother’s wrist for a few moments but then decided to bolt out of her cage. My other parakeet, Crystal began chirping loudly at that point, calling to her little bird friend.

And now I’m trying to introduce them to taking their first bath in their new home. So far, Solange has gone done and drank out of the dish I put in the cage for them, but neither have figured out yet they’re supposed to bath in it. I must be patient…

Well, thanks for reading and allowing me to brag about my “babies.” So far, I love being a bird mom!


Thinking Positive About Winter

I dislike winter. I mean, I really dislike winter. It’s not so much the biting cold, and the endless dumps of snow from Mother Nature; for me it’s all about the ice and being practically house bound at winter time. Though, one must always try to find the positives in even the most dreaded of circumstances.

Recently I was watching Global News a couple nights ago and the news anchors, Lynda Steele and Gord Steinke were trying to come up with the positives of winter. Well it might not be as original a question as I’d like to ponder, but it is a good question to ask oneself. What is there about winter that can be deemed good?

Well here is what I can think of. Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments section of this blog.

1. Hot chocolate

2. Staying indoors playing board games, watching movies or otherwise spending time with family and friends.

3. Wrapping up in a favourite blanket.

4. Curling up in a favourite blanket while reading a good book.

Something old Rediscovered

Friday, I discovered Pop Shoppe brand Root beer and Cola. Saturday I watched episodes of the iconic TV series “Facts of Life.” It would seem that what was new to so many “way back when” is new to me. Do I have any complaints? No, not really. Though, I can’t say as I overly care for the two flavours of Pop Shoppe pop mentioned above.

It’s interesting; experiencing things that are from years gone by. To my mind its fun getting to try things my mother enjoyed as a young adult. It’s about sharing experiences, learning what was popular then and paying tribute to years gone by.  Even, if it’s just a bottle of pop. For example, Pop Shoppe pop is in glass bottles. Nowadays if a person were to go buy a bottle of pop, it would be in a plastic bottle that might end up in a landfill. Not to say glass bottles wouldn’t find their way into a junkyard either possibly, but it is a point of observation I make about the differences between pop sold in the 60s and 70s and pop sold now.

Also it’s interesting to ponder what my mother thought of Pop Shoppe pop. Did she have a favourite flavour as a young adult? Which was it? Was there a flavour she just couldn’t stomach? For me, I admit freely I am not a fan of the Root beer flavour. Nor am I sold on the Cola flavour. I do however really like the Cream Soda and Orange flavours.

Maybe this won’t be a total bonding experience but I’d like to think it gives me new found knowledge of my mother and her generation. Hey maybe the “generation gap” idea is all wrong. Maybe parents weren’t necessarily all that different from us, when they were young adults themselves.

2010 Favourites

So if for no other reason than to look back on this post years later and remember, I thought to write a blog post on my Favourites of 2010. Favourite foods, music (bands, genres, etc), and so on. Also news stories that caught my attention, although I wouldn’t classify them as “favourites” since some were kind of depressing. So without further explanation here’s my list, or lists, of 2010.




Fish (particularly halibut)


Alcoholic Drinks

Wildberry vodka coolers

Wine coolers

Shirley Temple with vodka

Non-alcoholic drinks

Rootbeer (preferably Mug or A&W)

Chocolate milk

Hot chocolate

Music Groups/Bands

The Killers

Celtic Woman




Music Genres

World (spiritual)



Classic German pop


Ride the Wind

Nothing but a Good Time

Me Against the World

Nil S’en La

Suil a Ruin

Gayatri Mantra


Samantha: Holiday Girl

Felicity: Holiday Girl

Girl on the Front line

Saving Sarah Cain

TV shows

Say Yes to the Dress

Swift Justice

World’s Strictest Parents

CTV Edmonton news

Global Edmonton news

Breakfast Television news

CTV news channel

Local News Stories

Maddox Flynn

Joannie Rochette skating despite personal loss

Brian McKeever set to be the first person with a disability to compete in Winter Olympics and then ousted last minute.

Train vs. Pickup

(These stories all touched a chord with me,  since I  1. Have memories of being bullied growing up because of my speech, limp,etc and wanted to help change things for Maddox Flynn. So I donated to his trust fund to help him get the surgeries he needed, like so many others throughout Canada, the US and the UK. 2 Joannie Rochette, I’ve realized, is only a year younger and I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my mom.  3. We might never have met or might never meet at all but Brian McKeever is a distant relative so from that angle this really excited then angered me. Also I look up to him as an inspiration regardless of relation, because he’s doing what he loves no matter what. 4. I knew the family that died, through someone else).

Merry Christmas Post

Well it’s 12:33 am as I write this. Merry Christmas everyone! In just a number of hours families all over the world, will be waking up to Christmas 2010. The year is almost over and it’s been quite a year.  Snow and other weather conditions made for extra headaches for travellers this Christmas. The Heathrow airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, had to shut down at one point. Now I’ve heard that people in the end did make it home for the holidays, but it was definitely cutting it close to the wire. I think it’s a safe bet that some did not fare as well either, and are not able to be with family for the holiday.

In other news,  Skype was down for at least a couple of hours, days before Christmas. In trying to discover what had caused the connection issues, some people on the internet believe that so many were trying to connect to loved ones via the call to call service, that Skype was unable to keep up with the high demand. Considering the time of year it is, it stands in good reason that could very well be true. Such reasoning for Skype’s downtime could not be verified however.

Through all the hurdles however, it is the wee hours of Christmas morning. Children will rush to their parent’s rooms, excited to start their day and see what Santa has brought them. Christmas dinners of turkey, mashed potatoes, turnips and an assortment of other goodies will be soon in the making. Friends and family will come together to enjoy the day’s festivities. Men watching football, women in the kitchen is the typical scene thought to play out today. However, with the changing times comes changing ways. Yes I will still help my mother in the kitchen today. I’m sure my brother will be right in the thick of things, helping to prepare our own family’s Christmas feast.

In saying that, I must now get to bed. A person can’t cook while being tuckered out after all. Merry Christmas everyone; enjoy your day.

Things you Learn from Watching TV

Ever wonder if television could possibly teach you something? What about teaching you something about yourself? I’d say yes to both those questions. Watching “Say Yes to the Dress” this morning made me realize something about myself. If I were getting married, I’d be a bridezilla. From the flowers, the locations of both the ceremony and reception, right down to the dress; if it were my day, it would be my way or no way. Okay so now those who read this might be drawing conclusions about my character. “Oh my Lord, she must be high maintenance!” might be one such statement that crosses your mind. I don’t think I’m overly high maintenance however, or hard to please. In fact it doesn’t take much to keep me content at all. Some good tunes, maybe a little news, a good book and I’m a happy, happy girl.

Though on the subject of weddings and other special occasions that, hopefully, would only come once in a person’s life (namely mine), I doubt I could help but be a tad choosy. Since I was a little girl I’ve pictured my perfect wedding in my mind. I’d have my mother’s gown, with a new veil; daisies for a bouquet and the decorations for the ceremony would be baby blue and white. I’d move heaven and earth to find heels that fit. Yep, I would definitely be a bridezilla.

Mail’s in!

I went to the post office last night. There had been a notice in our mail that a parcel was awaiting pick up from me. Filled with curiosity, and looking forward to the baking planned after our return home, my mother and I got in the car and off we went. Now I don’t often go to the post office for any reason. Christmastime is not exception to this. The scene when I opened the door to the post office was like nothing I had ever seen nor experienced before. People were lined up, right to the door! We were packed in line like a Hodge-podge of sardines! A lovely mesh of cultures, religions and beliefs all represented, in a single line up. The ladies working at the counter commented this was the busiest they had ever seen the post office, at this time of year. Likewise ladies, I most certainly agree!

Now there’s something I found rather amusing to this sight however. It took me all of a minute to notice that, being helped at the counter was none other than an uncle of mine. It’s a small world after all! Though I do have to concede my town is no metropolis, I find it cool that, once again, I’m reminded just how small the world really is. Even with a blackberry to always have me plugged in and connected, I think it’s cool when I see relatives, friends or neighbours while I’m out and about.

To make a long story short though, he didn’t seem to notice me standing in line when he turned to leave. Pretty non-consequential sighting, but furthers my love for small town living nonetheless.

(Oh and if you’re wondering about the parcel I had gone to get, there was no parcel.  A second notice for the parcel I got last week had accidentally been placed in our mailbox).

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