Halloweens of Childhood

So I’m sitting in tonight for Halloween; no candy duty or dressing up this year. I am thinking, however, of Halloweens past. The costumes I’ve worn, the candy I’ve had. I can still recall my power ranger costume from when I was (I think) 9 years old. There was also the year I dressed in only a mask of Dopey, one of the seven dwarves.

Actually, the year I went as Dopey, I had had surgery only a week or two before so was still at home recuperating. Yet, the one day, Halloween, I went to my school and a prank was set upon my teacher. My classmates and I all seated ourselves at our desks and the lights were turned off.
The teacher came in, turned the lights on and Dopey was in her classroom. Her reaction of gasping in surprise was priceless!

There have been other memorable moments of Halloweens gone by. The year I went out trick or treating for a friend who wasn’t able to go out herself. Then the Halloweens I spent going to the mall, for indoor activities that were hosted there.

Halloween has always been one of my favourite holidays; from the costumes, to the candy (candy corn still being a favourite) and of course the dressing up. What are some of the highlights of the spooky season for you? Do you have any favourite candy, costumes or memories in general of the holiday?


First Time for Everything

Those who follow me on Facebook or Twitter probably know by now I’ve injured my foot recently. Sure, I’ve sprained my ankle before and even my wrists too, at times, but for the first time there is a question as to whether I’ve broken a bone. The whole experience has given me perspective into a part of life, I’ve never ventured into (at least not willingly!).

So this is what it feels like to have a potentially fractured foot- how absolutely lovely! (can you sense the sarcasm here? Ya, I thought so).  Well while the pain is annoying; I think it’s safe to say the lack of being able to really do anything is ten times worse. I may not be a pro athlete or otherwise outgoing and active but even I like being able to go here and there without worrying about pain cramping my style. As it is, I’ve played more games of Civilization 3 than I care to think about. I’ve totally lost track at this point.

This weekend marks my favourite festival in Edmonton. I am still seriously bummed I had to miss Heritage Days. Trying out new ethnic foods, practicing my language skills with native speakers and enjoying the music of so many different cultures, I am going to live vicariously through friends this year, who have gone.

Though there is one bright side to my having injured myself. This past week was to be my last week at the Edmonton Journal. Since April, I’ve been part of a Mentorship there. This coming week will now be my final week at the Edmonton newspaper. Though, that will be for another blog post.

I’m off to go take another Advil now. Hope everyone’s been having a great long weekend.

New Year’s Surprise

There was a copy of the local newspaper in the living room today, so I went to read it. Lo and behold I am surprised to find an article I had written and submitted to the paper. The newspaper in question is dated December 23 so not from this weekend. Yet seeing the article published for the first time today, was still a nice surprise for the first weekend of 2011. I am thrilled!

Having received requests to see said article, I have scanned it and will try to post it here for people to read. Hope you all like it!

First of January

It’s officially a new year. As I waited for midnight to roll in last night, I wrote a Facebook note. I’d like to share it here also. I read it to whom it was referring to and he seemed to have enjoyed it. I’m glad he liked it.

Countdown Jitters

The air was cold yet still, anticipation and excitement filled the room. “One more hour to the close of 2010!” the young woman cried. Sad to see 2010 end but hopeful the new year would bring a whole host of new up’s and down’s to challenge her. For the first time in a long time she had someone special in mind. A long distance friend who had won her heart long ago. Surely the time might pass by faster! Somehow she needed to ease her nerves, cushion the seemingly unbearable delight.

Only fifty minutes now! What is she to do? YouTube is a help but even that soon wavers. Itunes is good, for a short while it seemed. Somehow the girl knew she had to pass the time. Yet how? She wasn’t certain. The new movie that was purchased had been watched earlier that night. What’s a girl to do! “I know, I’ll write for a while. My thoughts and ideas.”  Surely that will keep her occupied, if only for a few minute’s time.

“Oh my it’s almost time!” Time to bid farewell to the year going by; welcoming the new year filled with hope and promise. Promise of endless possibilities and fondest memories. Egads, still a half hour left to go? Alright back to YouTube she will go. Possibly there’s something fun and interesting that she’s never seen before. There are so many countless videos there to watch and enjoy.

This note already getting fairly long, the young woman bids everyone a safe, fun-filled night. What will 2011 bring, when it does finally arrive? Who’s to know, but it will be with great anticipation she waits to find out. Happy New Year’s everyone, although it is still forty minutes off.

2010 For Me

Reflecting on the past year I am left wondering, what stands out to me from 2010?  It’s the lessons I’ve learned both personal and attuned to my professional aspirations. I began the year wide eyed and naive. Okay so maybe I’m still wide eyed and naïve. January found me going to Edmonton city hall for my first time. That same day I was also the Edmonton Journal, for the first time. In going to both locales I met Scott McKeen and Gordon Kent. These are two great gentlemen who were welcoming, courteous and knowledgeable in their jobs. Heck, they were both just plain smart. I count my lucky stars to have met them and learned from them.

Along the lines of my job shadow with Mr. McKeen, I met other equally welcoming, smart and experienced journalists from around the city as well. Meeting them all has been informative for me, not only in regards to the advice and lessons they’ve taught me, but in furthering my desire to become a journalist. I have, for the first time in my living memory, something to really strive for.

From trials and tribulations the past twelve months, I have realized a resolve and determination within myself, I did not know I possessed. I’ve lost a friend this year to Cancer and it hurts. How do I try to cope? I decided to endeavour to raise money for Movember and I also plan to involve myself in the Hair Massacure in early 2011. In doing this, I hope to honour his memory in some way, however modest.

So in essence I’ve learned a lot in 2010. Not just about the career I aspire to, but personally and philosophically. I have realized how fragile and fleeting life can be. Yet, as I prepare to ring in the New Year I am certain I will be able to see through to the end, no matter what comes my way. Happy New Year everyone!

Merry Christmas Post

Well it’s 12:33 am as I write this. Merry Christmas everyone! In just a number of hours families all over the world, will be waking up to Christmas 2010. The year is almost over and it’s been quite a year.  Snow and other weather conditions made for extra headaches for travellers this Christmas. The Heathrow airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, had to shut down at one point. Now I’ve heard that people in the end did make it home for the holidays, but it was definitely cutting it close to the wire. I think it’s a safe bet that some did not fare as well either, and are not able to be with family for the holiday.

In other news,  Skype was down for at least a couple of hours, days before Christmas. In trying to discover what had caused the connection issues, some people on the internet believe that so many were trying to connect to loved ones via the call to call service, that Skype was unable to keep up with the high demand. Considering the time of year it is, it stands in good reason that could very well be true. Such reasoning for Skype’s downtime could not be verified however.

Through all the hurdles however, it is the wee hours of Christmas morning. Children will rush to their parent’s rooms, excited to start their day and see what Santa has brought them. Christmas dinners of turkey, mashed potatoes, turnips and an assortment of other goodies will be soon in the making. Friends and family will come together to enjoy the day’s festivities. Men watching football, women in the kitchen is the typical scene thought to play out today. However, with the changing times comes changing ways. Yes I will still help my mother in the kitchen today. I’m sure my brother will be right in the thick of things, helping to prepare our own family’s Christmas feast.

In saying that, I must now get to bed. A person can’t cook while being tuckered out after all. Merry Christmas everyone; enjoy your day.

Mail’s in!

I went to the post office last night. There had been a notice in our mail that a parcel was awaiting pick up from me. Filled with curiosity, and looking forward to the baking planned after our return home, my mother and I got in the car and off we went. Now I don’t often go to the post office for any reason. Christmastime is not exception to this. The scene when I opened the door to the post office was like nothing I had ever seen nor experienced before. People were lined up, right to the door! We were packed in line like a Hodge-podge of sardines! A lovely mesh of cultures, religions and beliefs all represented, in a single line up. The ladies working at the counter commented this was the busiest they had ever seen the post office, at this time of year. Likewise ladies, I most certainly agree!

Now there’s something I found rather amusing to this sight however. It took me all of a minute to notice that, being helped at the counter was none other than an uncle of mine. It’s a small world after all! Though I do have to concede my town is no metropolis, I find it cool that, once again, I’m reminded just how small the world really is. Even with a blackberry to always have me plugged in and connected, I think it’s cool when I see relatives, friends or neighbours while I’m out and about.

To make a long story short though, he didn’t seem to notice me standing in line when he turned to leave. Pretty non-consequential sighting, but furthers my love for small town living nonetheless.

(Oh and if you’re wondering about the parcel I had gone to get, there was no parcel.  A second notice for the parcel I got last week had accidentally been placed in our mailbox).

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