During Summer, I did….

It’s that time of year again. Time for students (much like myself) to face the realities of the seasons, and go back to school. Now typically there are teachers out there that tend to give the same back to school assignment. Write a paragraph (or essay even) on what you did over the summer months. I’ve noticed, while the wording may be different, this topic is trending in Canada right now on Twitter. So what did you do over the holidays?

For me, I worked. Starting out once a week and then going to twice a week, I worked. The Edmonton Journal gave me the opportunity to experience working in a newsroom on a regular, weekly basis. Going to press conferences, doing write ups for the Edmonton Journal website and so on. It kept me busy. Though, that was only part of what I did this summer.

I also prepared for going to university. Buying school supplies and a bag to carry them in, and various other things such as pens, paper and mechanical pencils. Now I am in school and enjoying it thoroughly.

So what were your holidays like? What did YOU do over the summer?